New Year New Goals


A lot of these are more lifestyle goals and things I want to focus on this year, which seems like it’s not a tall order but really is. Here it goes … I say aim high, but if I can accomplish half of these I think I’m in good shape.

Studio – I have a few business goals I want to start pursuing this year, things I put on the back burner. Last year the freelance industry in the PNW just started gaining some traction since the 2008 economy tailspin. Not exactly what I’d call ideal conditions when you’re first starting out on your own, but I survived the recession being a freelancer without having to take a barista job. So gold star for me.

Wanderlust – As many other Freelance Designers will tell you taking real tme off is one of the hardest parts about being indie because largely we make ourselves so damn available. I took a few weeks off last summer in 2012 to camp in the Redwoods and after my time I spent bathing in the rivers and napping in an ancient forest I seriously came back a new woman. Not just because of the joy of where I’d been, but also the joy of coming home with a fresh perspective. Some things aren’t as important as you thought. And some things are much more important than you’ve given them credit for.

Write – I consider writing flexing your creative muscles in terms of what I do all day in graphic design. This will be my outlet that flexes those other muscles I’m not using all day. You’ll note that I have terrible spelling, even worse grammer, I’m a repeat offender of too many comas and don’t have a clue how to properly use an em dash. (Thusly, very self conscious and insecure having others read what I write. Ben was just reading a draft of this post while I got up to some household chores, and I had to stop myself from saying “No! Don’t read that!”. Why? I don’t know.) So what do you say, once a week? Monday mornings I’ll have something for you to read while you drink your coffee?

Photography – When people ask me that question “if you weren’t a Graphic Designer what would you be?” This is it. Because so much of this craft parallels with design in terms of visual creativity, concept, color, negative space. And that’s just off the top of my head. My boyfriend Ben gave me a Nikon for my birthday, I think learning to shoot manually this year is a totally reasonable goal.

Read – This one I’ve already got a good start on. I love reading anyways. A total news hound. Been reading novels fairly consistently the last few months. More specifically I want to alternate genres every other book between modern and classics. I can’t help but feel I’ve missed out on some great reads. Just dived into a book I’ve always wanted to read but never did … Wuthering Heights. I may make something fun as part of a series here on the blog so I don’t stop. What should I call it… Oh Healthcliff! I hope to do one novel a month, but realize with all my other stuff it’ll probably be 2 months.

Do more with less – Mainly talking about time. Doing more with less time is going to be hard. I’ve been so busy with work, but clearly have so many other things I want to focus on. I already am a multi tasking fool. Get up at the crack of dawn, freelance at a fast paced agency all day and get home way after the sun has set. Sleep 5-6ish hours usually, but I tell you if I had 4 or 5 more hours a day I wouldn’t be sleeping. I would be working on work work or play work.

Be Well – New Years is kind of rough sometimes. When you think of the better version of yourself that you wish you could be. There is always a goal, you know the kind. That one goal! And if you could reach this one goal it would radically change who you were. Which I know sounds like nonsense but this is how I viewed running and damn it I wanted to be a woman that ran. Well 2012 I actually did start running and I can tell you it did change me. I enjoyed running so much I actually gave myself shin splints, recouped for a few months and now I’m running again. I’m at about 5 miles every Saturday morning in 1 hr (I was running 2-3 times a week, hence shine splints). But I want to work on fitting 10k (6.2 miles) into 1 hour this year, which is tough because I’ve got monster hills in every direction. Goals: Getting 10k in 1 hour, along with running once a week AND I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a race this summer. Also on the list is giving yoga another shot. I tried to like it last year and I was bored to death.

Gathering – Foraging resonates with me on so many levels. From being in the forest, to hunting and foraging, to cooking, eating and gathering your friends and family to feast. As a kid I listened to my mother talk about hunting morels and shaggy manes on her family farm in southern Washington along the Columbia River. I’ve just started studying mushroom hunting recently. Which not only means being able to identify mushrooms, but the trees and plant life around them. Ultimately your really identifying micro-ecosystems and under the right circumstances of temperature, rainfall, altitude, etc … a specific mushroom with grow there. No easy task when you live in a swampy forest … But I’m pretty sure I identified false chanterelles in my front yard. They say they are not toxic but not tasty either. So I have room for improvement. If I have enough time I’ll start a blog on my gathering.

Homestead – I have been wanting chicken, ducks, goats and sheeps for-evs now. Way before they got trendy. But I live in the woods and we have so many predetors surrounding us that I fear might eat them. Everything from ginormous owls to coyotes that heckle me on the way to my car in the morning. I can’t even let my cats outside. Which is way more difficult than it sounds. However, I just learned a full proof method for making soft boiled eggs compounded with the fact that I’m a yolk addict. So I need to figure out how to make the Fort Knox or chicken coops. Channeling my inner Bob Villa, and go.


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  2. Issa Breibish
    April 7, 2014

    Heya! This is such a great list of things to focus on… I seriously love this post. I hope you’re doing well and working towards them with deliberate steps but also not being too hard on yourself when you fall short. It’s all about the journey! All the best, Megan…


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