Step into my office


Step into my office, elsewhere. The ferry has been the in between of my country and city life, but also where I do most of my really creative work. Some people don’t see how I can tolerate such long commute, and ask if it’s really worth it. But having an hour to and from the city is really what you make of it. Some people saw some serious logs with the lull of the boat, others like me just put their headphones in and jam on some projects.

I’m going to be really busy for the next couple weeks and may not have much time to make regular updates like I have been doing lately and wanted to give a heads up to my much adored few but very loyal readers. I recently got a really exciting side project that will devour the few extra waking hours on top of my regular freelance work in the city. It was just too good to pass up, and best of all one of my favorites. BRANDING! It’s still pretty hush hush. You might get a sneak peek of what I’m up to on Instagram. I’m also on Twitter. Pinterest. Facebook. LinkedIn. Dribbble. And the new app Vine. Or feel free to just drop me a line and say HI. I don’t bite. I love saying Hi.

I’ll pop in periodically if I can steal a few moments but I’ll be back to posting on the reg in a two or three weeks probably starting with a big juicy blog post about what I’ve been up to during my hiatus. From which I’ll likely be perfectly exhausted I’ll need a real break. Feast or famine right. Feel free to subscribe on the right, you’ll get notified when I’m back at it.


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